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The following message is a Pamplin Park Event Update given in response to a question provided by member Mike Rice. It is being copied to all members of the Chester Cannon Crew who expressed an interest in attending and, most importantly, to gain a response from each of you regarding it. Again, this subject and all info contained within is meant for your eyes and our discussion only.  






Sorry about the delay in answering back about our planned Pamplin Park trip. The good news is the trip is still on go. However, sadly, our attending as an Artillery crew is not going to happen. As I had mentioned sometime earlier several hurdles had to be cleared before our being given the green light to proceed with moving forward with it. Unfortunately, two of these hurdles could not be overcome. One being the Event Host's initial invitation not arriving soon enough for us to petition the Chester County Historical Board to include an out of state event on the insurance policy. The second being our not having the proper trailer available to enclose and protect the cannon for the long trip there. The latter is currently being looked into and hopefully resolved soon but the insurance issue can only be taken care of on the annual date of the policy being renewed. This date for making the renewal had passed before our receiving the invitation. I had held out a little hope we could pull through on this one and still make it happen. But I'm now officially notifying everyone our attending this event as an Artillery unit will just not be possible this year.


However, with all that being said, we still have the option to participate in this rare opportunity and one of a kind event by providing an Infantry impression instead. And by doing so, It's possible we could be the only South Carolinians there portraying an actual SC unit from the time period. My question now to you all is… "Are you still willing to go and participate with the changeup from an Artillery to an Infantry impression?


I think it'll still be a worthy and unforgettable event providing us memories that'll last a lifetime if we did.


Let me hear your thoughts. I will respect any decision each of you make in the matter.




cc: chester cannon crew  




Original Message - Jan 2, 2018


Members of The Chester Cannon Crew,


The following message is meant for your eyes and our discussion only. Please read in entirety.


Recently the Sixth received an invitation for the group to attend what I consider to be an unprecedented Civil War event planned for the first full weekend of April. Believing this to be an exceptional opportunity for us to finally travel out-of-state with the original Parrott cannon and portray an authentic Confederate Artillery crew, it immediately peaked my interest. And even more so knowing this site is critically acclaimed for its historic distinction and quality authentic presentations. So, I thought I'd run the idea by all of you and begin getting some feedback as to if you believe this to be an event you would be willing to support and take part in. I've replied back to the invitation with a note of interest but as of yet have not confirmed our attendance and participation with the host. And I will not do so until after hearing from each of you about your possible participation and then determining if we'll have the necessary numbers to make it happen. We'll need at the very least five people to have a safe and effective crew but we can have upwards of ten if need be. Everyone attending is guaranteed a position on the cannon with a rotation of placements if we do have good numbers. Please read on and share at your earliest convenience any thoughts or questions you might have regarding the event with me or preferably the entire group.


About The Event Site

This event is set to be held at the "National Museum Of The Civil War Soldier" located at Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, Va. It is scheduled to take place on the weekend of April 7-8, 2018. If you're unfamiliar with this museum or have never visited there before, then you're in for a real treat like none other when you do. I've made two trips here and can attest it's an incredible site to visit. This museum is the largest privately owned Civil War historic site in the country and it doesn't lack or pale in comparison to any other. The Park and Museum are dedicated to telling the story of the common soldier of the time on both sides. It sits on the location of the actual site of Lee's very last line of defense, a defense which would soon weaken and bring to end a long nine month siege due to an unfortunate breach in the earthworks by the Federals. The war ended at Appomattox just seven days later. Along with its second-to-none museum, the site also contains a long stretch of some of the most incredibly well preserved Confederate earthworks in existence. It also includes the original antebellum home of the Boisseau Family which during the time of the siege became Home/Headquarters to Gen Samuel McGowan, a South Carolinian Brigade Commander of the 1st, 12th, 13th, and 14th SC (Note: The 6th was also engaged during this Siege of Petersburg but were fighting elsewhere in the conflict).


Our Responsibility - Sat, Apr 7

This day will be used as a living history presentation only. We as an Artillery crew will set up an authentic Artillery camp using the big tent fly we normally use for unit recruiting, medical impressions, etc. This will be our main living shelter. We'll also throw up a few dog tents or shelter halves to round out our camp life presentation. We'll also drill on cannon and musket and if allowed provide a cannon/musket firing demonstration for those visitors who enter into our camp.


Our Responsibility - Sun, Apr 8

This day is set aside for a battle reenactment. And as a Confederate cannon crew here we should find ourselves within one of the gun placements behind the original breastworks firing on the approaching Federal Army who at some point along the line will breach the wall of the works and come pouring through.


Event Details

What: Break Though Battle Aniversary

When: April 7-8, 2018

Where: Pamplin Historical Park

Address: 6125 Boydton Plank Rd, Petersburg, VA 23803

Map: Pamplin Park

Pamplin Park Website


Map: Battle of the Crater

A nearby possible side trip?


The invitation states the host for this event is hoping to recruit several hundred Infantry and Artillery participants for each side. So there will be numerous Infantry and other Artillery units onsite here.


So, again, let me know your thoughts soon. Openings for any of these few Artillery slots could fill soon.


I look forward to hearing from you,




Note: I don't want anyone to misinterpret what we'll be doing here. I've stated this before and still firmly stand behind it... "We are primarily an Infantry unit and always and forever will be." We will have plenty of great Infantry events to participate in this year. This exception is just a one-of-a-kind rare opportunity for us to go and participate in a more laid back and fun event as an Artillery Crew. It also allows us to get the cannon out of the basement and into the field as it should be. And we should all be proud to hold the honor and privilege to be the one and only unit that can make that happen. 

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