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So You're Interested In History Reenacting


The 6th Regiment is eager to recruit people with a serious interest in experiencing, understanding, and teaching others about the War Between the States (WBTS). No other event in history grips the American public's imagination like the WBTS period and interest continues to grow. Many of the political and social institutions we use today trace their roots to this conflict. By understanding how the war affected everyday people like ourselves and explaining it to others, we fill a big gap in the education most people receive.


Some members of the 6th do civilian impressions, as not everyone wants to be in the infantry

and not everyone needs to be. Indeed, civilian impressions help round out the image of wartime

life that we are trying to present.


Medical personnel, chaplains, laundry women and vivandiers, for instance, were part of the

military camp. Women and children also visited their loved ones in camp. And frequently,

refugee camps were set up near the military camps.


The war had a devastating effect on life in general, particularly in the South. Locally, York and

Chester were both important during the late days of the war as refugee centers. One goal of the

"civilian" members of the 6th Regiment is to depict that experience as well, as a way of making

the war's impact on everyone more apparent.


Some Things You Need To Know


First: Not all the equipment for sale out there is authentic, and authenticity is very important in

reenacting. Your goal is to convince your partners and the public that this is 1863; you can't do

that wearing cowboy boots or carrying a Boy Scout canteen. So you will need to team up with a

"veteran" to buy gear. That way you won't throw your money away on something you don't need

or can't use.


Second: If you like history and the outdoors, then this hobby is for you! Some people like it so

much that they don't want to come back to the present when an event is over.




Third: If you ignored the warning, take heart. There is room in this hobby for the entire family. Your spouse doesn't have to be a Civil War widow or widower, and your children don't need to be WBTS orphans. There are opportunities for everyone with the 6th SC Volunteers.


If you do have a strong love for history an desire to become a reenactor of the time period of 1861-1865 and believe health wise you can handle the physical stresses involved in doing so then reenacting may be for you. And we'd like to help provide you the opportunity to do so. Of course, it would be helpful to know a little about you. Below are a few important questions we'd like you to provide answers to on our Membership Inquiry Form .



  • Are you new to reenacting? Or do you already have some experience in this area?

  • If you do have experience, then where and with what unit did you gain this experience from? Would you mind if we contacted your previous unit for references?

  • Do you already own any of the required gear, i.e., uniform, musket, shelter, etc.?

  • Do you have any special talents or abilities to lend towards making the Sixth a stronger and more efficient unit?

  • Do feel free to ask any questions of us you may have of your own.


Please Note: The 6th SC is a historical interpretation organization and does not accept any members of racist or hate groups. Only serious prospective recruits or veterans with a strong love and sense of history need to apply.

Sixth Regt SC Volunteers

Recruiting Broadside (1862)

of Captain John Bratton

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