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About The 6th SC Vol's

The 6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers is a non-profit Historical and Living History Society composed primarily of men and women from the north central area of the state otherwise known as the Old English District. It is the intent of the regiments members to present to the general public a historically accurate depiction of the life of the common soldier...

Military History

The 6th Regiment South Carolina Infantry entered the State service on April 11, 1861, for twelve months and was mustered into the Confederate States service during June and July, 1861. Subsequently it was broken up and a number of men reenlisted into the Palmetto Regiment South Carolina Sharp Shooters, the 5th Regiment, South Carolina infantry, 13th...

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The 6th Regiment is eager to recruit people with a serious interest in experiencing, understanding, and teaching others about the War Between the States (WBTS). No other event in history grips the American public's imagination like the WBTS period and interest continues to to grow. Many of the political and social institutions we use today trace their roots...

School Presentations

Let us assist your class by sharing our knowledge of life in the 1860's. Our knowledgeable historians help bring history to life for students by sharing original and reproduction items used by civilians and the common soldiers of both the Confederate and Union armies during the War Between the States. Students can hold in their hands items ranging from uniform parts to hard tack while our instructors give detailed explanations of...


Thank you for coming and providing such a great Civil War history lesson for the children. They all enjoyed handling the canteens, tinware, and haversacks. At the end of the day they were all still talking about the story's from history you told and seeing a musket fire for the first time. We'd love to have you back again sometime.

— Dianne Mullaney, School Teacher

News & Updates

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