6th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers

(York, Chester, Lancaster and Fairfield Counties)

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6th Infantry

Aiston, Robert B. - Chaplin

Blount, Joseph G. - 2nd Lt., Adj.

Boggs, William E. - Chaplin

Burns, R.M. - Musician

Cooley, A.L.

Cooper, W.H. - Surgeon

Fairfax, Albert - Asst. Surgeon

Fancy, J.M. - Corporal.

Gaston, James McFadden - Surgeon

Gourley, J.S. - Musician

Gwinn, O.J.

Howe, J.T. - Musician

Johnson, William D. - 1st Co.E

Jordan, R.H. - Surgeon

Legg, James T.V. - 1st Co.C, 1st Co.I

Lucas, J.S. - Musician

Lucas, John R. - Musician

Martin, Joseph - Qt. Master

Meek, J.S. - Musician

Meyer, Henry

Minter. A.N. - Musician

Moore, W.D. - Musician

Murphy, H.G.

Owens, Harrison - Hospital Steward

Pagan, James - Commissary

Rhoden, John

Robertson, William F. - Asst.Surgeon

Secrest, Andrew J. - Lt.Colonel

Smith, L.B. - Colonel

Steedman, John M.

Stoney, John - Surgeon

Thompson, Waddy - Surgeon

Tiffany, H.

Whiteside, T.D. - Asst.Surgeon

Winder, Charles S. - Colonel

Woodward, Thomas W. - Major


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